Frequently Asked Questions:

Do my guests and I have to have read the book to enjoy a Murdering the Classics Party?

No. While it can be fun to learn "what happened next" in a favorite book, you need not have read the novel, or watched a movie version, to enjoy the party!

How difficult is it to host a party?

It is easy! You will get a Host’s Guide to help you, but all that is involved is sending invitations, reading aloud the information in the character packets, and reading the final solution.

I am nervous about hosting a party. Can someone help me host?

There is no reason to be nervous. However, if you are located near the Twin Cities of MN, a co-host can be hired for an additional charge. Contact us for more details.

I’d love to come to a party, but I do not want to host one. Can I just attend a party?

Murdering the Classics occasionally hosts parties to which guests may purchase tickets, or sells seats to parties at various charity auctions. These tend to be dinner, tea, or dessert parties. Sign up for our newsletter if you want to receive notices of parties for which you might purchase tickets.

What is a good mystery to start with, for a first party?

Each of the parties is designed to be easy to host. To find the right fit for you, look at the list of parties. Select the one most interesting to you, whether over the top Greek Gods out for blood, crimes of passion in Regency England, or revenge in the land of German fairy tales.

Are any of these parties suitable for children?

While some of these parties may be suitable for teens, we have no children’s parties at this time.

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