Greek Gods


"Thus died the ruler of the gods. His essence has passed into the fabric of the universe."
Murdering the Classics: Who Murdered Zeus?

Who Murdered Zeus?

Alas, such tidings as I, Themis, goddess of justice, have to tell!  Zeus, king of the gods, has been murdered! He was an immortal god, and such a thing should have been impossible! But a powerful powdery substance was placed in a package near his throne. When it came into contact with Zeus’ lightning bolt the package exploded. Zeus’ immortal form was destroyed, his essence melted into the fabric of the universe...and the powers of Olympus were thrown out of balance. Only the mightiest of the Greek gods could have accomplished this murder. I, Themis, am but a minor god, but in such a case as this I have unlimited power. I must discover who committed this crime, and restore balance to Olympus. I call upon the mightiest Olympian gods to assist in my investigation. In the cause of justice, you cannot refuse my summons!