"Speak to me, Muse, of the adventurous man who wandered long after he sacked the sacred citadel of Troy."
Homer: The Odyssey

Who Murdered Odysseus? 

Shall a happy fate never befall a Greek hero? Odysseus, chosen hero of Athena, cursed enemy of Poseidon, glorious victor of the Trojan War, is no more. He had made many enemies in his travels, but Zeus had forbidden the death of Odysseus. It was fated that he should return to his home, Ithaca, and to his wife and son. Poseidon was allowed to torture Odysseus during his journey...he delayed Odysseus’ return for ten years and killed his entire crew...but Odysseus himself arrived home three days ago. He slew his wife’s suitors and reclaimed his throne. Now this noble man lies dead. Zeus’ sacred protection may have ended upon Odysseus’ return to Ithaca, but he was still Athena's chosen hero. Athena, goddess of wisdom, demands we solve this murder and exact a blood price from the person who slew Odysseus!