Revenge of

the Wives

"Having ever been a chaste man...I have had but two mistresses. I was, however, entrapped into several unlawful marriages."
Murdering the Classics: Henry VIII

Who Murdered Henry VIII?

Few historical figures are more notorious than Henry VIII…a king who married and discarded wives with abandon at the end of his life. But the table has now been turned. For it appears that Henry VIII, instead of dying of an ulcerated leg and diabetes, was poisoned. As he lay dying a note was placed under his door, claiming that one of the women he had so cruelly used had taken the ultimate revenge and murdered him! It also seems that all six of Henry VIII’s wives are still alive, as well as his two most famous mistresses. One of them has murdered Henry VIII! From the grave, the absolute ruler of England demands that we determine who his killer was, else he shall haunt us for eternity!