The War of the Roses

"These Wars shall never end 'til all the claimants are dead, save one. I want that survivor to be my son."
Margaret Beaufort

Who Murdered the Kingmaker's Daughter?

England’s infamous War of the Roses began with the murder of Richard II, killed by his cousin, who became Henry IV. But by primogeniture, the throne should have gone to Richard and Henry's cousin Edmund. So began seventy years of fighting for the English throne. The most powerful man in these wars was the "Kingmaker," the Earl of Warwick. With his vast wealth and private armies, whomever Warwick supported became King. At first, Warwick supported the Yorkist Edward IV over the Lancastrian Henry VI. But when Edward IV offended Warwick, Warwick switched sides. Henry VI regained the throne with Warwick support. Finally Edward killed Warwick in battle...and took the throne. Anne Neville, youngest daughter of the Earl of Warwick, was first married to Henry VI's heir, the Prince of Wales. When he was killed, she married Edward IV's brother Richard. When Anne's older sister died (possibly of poison) Anne assumed control of the Warwick armies and weath. When Edward IV died, she and Richard imprisoned Edward's young sons in the Tower of London and took the throne. Then, suddenly, Richard and Anne's only son died. Anne herself died one year later, supposedly of tuberculosis. Without Warwick support, Richard III was killed in battle, by Henry Tudor. In this event, Anne Neville did not convienently die of tuberculosis, but of poison. We must discover who killed the Queen; for in the Game of Thrones, you play to win, or die trying.