Sense and


"Marianne Dashwood was born to an extraordinary fate..."
Jane Austen: Sense and Sensibility

Who Murdered Marianne Dashwood? 

Alas, such a tragic end to the romantic Marianne Dashwood! The nineteen year old bride-to-be was discovered dead in her chamber upon her wedding morn. Marianne, who had lived so passionately, died painfully in her sleep. The doctor has stated that Marianne was, beyond a doubt, poisoned.

On the night before the wedding was to take place, Marianne had requested several friends to come for a quiet evening. As the evening wore on, all present drank a toast to the wedding on the morrow. Soon Marianne complained of a headache and stomach pains. Marianne succumbed to poison a few hours later. Now, you are summoned to Delaford to discover the identity of Marianne's killer. Public shame shall be yours if you do not help us discover the murderer of this sweet girl.