Mysteries of


"You may find, perhaps, signor, that the strength of my mind is equal to the justice of my cause...."
Ann Radcliff: Mysteries of Udolpho

Who Murdered Montoni? 

The smash hit of 1795, The Mysteries of Udolpho is known for its fearsome characters, daring escapes, gruesome deaths, and epic swordplay. Authors such as Emily Bronte, Jane Austen, Edgar Allen Poe, Fodor Dostoevsky, Bram Stoker, and Victor Hugo credit Udolpho with inspiring them. The novel follows the adventures of Emily, who loses her parents and her fortune. She is thrown upon the mercies of her vulgar aunt and grasping uncle by marriage, Madame and Signor Montoni. Separated from her love, Valancourt, Emily is forced to the castle of Udolpho in the remote mountains of Italy. There Signor Montoni murders Emily’s aunt through neglect, establishes an army of banditti to rob travelers, and tries to sell Emily to the highest bidder as a bride. With her loyal French maid, the maid’s lover, and Chevalier DuPont, Emily escapes. Montoni is captured and murdered in prison. Emily then learns that while she was imprisoned, Valancourt was drinking and gambling his way through Paris. Heartbroken Emily has no time to grieve, however, as ghosts begin to walk, bandits rob and kidnap her friends, and a mysterious nun is discovered who holds the key to Emily's father's secret heartbreak. Finally Emily regains her fortune, lover, and happiness. Meanwhile, Montoni’s friend has now obtained permission to investigate Montoni’s murder. We must answer the question of who killed this villain…for if justice is not served immediately, the horrifying ramifications will haunt the next generation!