Pride and


"...these violent young lovers carry everything their own way."
Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice

Who Murdered Mr. Darcy?

Pride and Prejudice ended with the marriage of the wealthy and noble Mr. Darcy to the poor, intelligent, and lovely Elizabeth Bennet. In Murdering the Classics, a tragedy takes place instead. On his wedding morn Mr. Darcy is poisoned, murdered at his breakfast. Though she had proclaimed her aristocratic fury over this disgraceful marriage, Lady Catherine de Bourgh will not permit this affront to pass unnoticed. It would have been all very well for him to have been killed in a duel, but for Mr. Darcy, cousin to the Earl of Maddox, son of Lady Anne Darcy, to be poisoned as if he were an inconvenient footman was a disgrace to family honour. With her noble connections, wealth, and influence; Lady Catherine has commanded all of Mr. Darcy’s friends and connections to assist her in investigating his disgraceful demise!