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Whether you are hosting a New Years Event, a Halloween bonfire, an engagement party, a book club, or just a fun evening with friends; Murdering the Classics is the perfect way to have some deadly fun! Check out our list of murders, and contact us with any questions or to purchase a party!

Corporate Events

Want to make your corporate event stand out? Murdering the Classics is a wonderful way to engage with your team! There is nothing like a friendly murder-solving competition to break the ice and have fun. Special rates for students, educators, and educational institutions. Contact us for more information.

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Murdering the Classics frequently hosts private parties for which individuals may purchase tickets. Upcoming Parties Include:

We are currently gauging interest for a May event at Allure Intimite Apparel. If you would be interested in more information regarding an evening of delicious food, fittings, and shopping...all while solving the murder of Aphrodite... contact us for more information! A $15 gift certificate will be given to each event participant.

If you would like to purchase tickets for an upcoming event, or request our newsletter, please sign up for event information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more? Check our our list of Frequently Asked Questions, or contact us for more information!

Always wondered what happened next? Love taking a crack at a good mystery? Looking for an easy way to throw a hilarious party?

Murdering the Classics is just what you are looking for!

What is Murdering the Classics?

June 10th, 2015

Murdering the Classics are easy to host events based on some of literature, or history's, most infamous characters. Each party begins with the death of one of the novel's main characters, and then summons the story's most memorable characters to discover who commited the murder. You will be surprised how many wanted to murder the deceased!

" tried not to hate Darcy for marrying the woman you loved...but your way is cleared by his murder. You can now marry Elizabeth Bennet.

Each character acts in ways consistant with their novel. The clues to solve the crime are taken directly from the novels, legends, or history. With a Murdering the Classics party, we learn the nefereous secrets of what happened behind the scenes in some of our most famous stories!

Poseidon and Hera are not grieving Zeus!

Poseidon and Hera are not at all sorry over Zeus' demise!

How do I host a Murdering the Classics Party?

June 10th, 2015

Murdering the Classics takes the work out of hosting an unforgettable event! Once you have selected a party, contact us to purchase a pre-printed a kit, or receive printing instructions for one. The rest is easy!

Send the included invitations to your guests (which include a description of the murder and the characters involved). When the guests arrive, give them their character's booklet. On the first page is information no one else knows; reasons their character may have wanted to murder the deceased. After the guests have read their character's dark secrets, let the accusations begin! There are three rounds in each party, in which the participants reveal information they learn about the others, discover secret clues, and accuse one another of the crime. At the end of the evening, the host reads the final solution. Mayhem and merriment abound!